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107Pros is staffed by FAA certified & experienced Remote Pilots

What is 107Pros?

107Pros is a commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or Drone) service provider, uniquely positioned to acquire superior imagery, analysis and actionable data for use in a multitude of commercial sectors.

Why us?

We believe that we are the premier solution for aerial data acquisition and data analysis due to our unique backgrounds and experiences in fields ranging from mechanical and structural engineering, architecture, infrared thermography, radio frequency, collision reconstruction, agriculture, public safety, cyber and many others.

These capabilities are the result of specialized education, certification, training and decades of in-the-field experience gained in government, private and academia sectors while utilizing technologies not readily available to most individuals or companies.

Whether your deliverable requirements are as basic as photo and video imagery or complex, such as 3D modeling, multispectrual or infrared analysis or large photogrammetry projects, 107Pros is capable of meeting the need safely and professionally.

107Pros uses high accuracy, state of the art drone and sensor technologies coupled with decades of real-world experiences to provide clients with professional results that the typical drone service provider cannot, including night-time acquisitions where required.

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